What are the main parts of the research paper?

The research paper is that thing which everyone has to write whether they are elder or younger. You need to remember that the research paper is that aspect which is based on an hourglass structure. It starts with general information and undertakes the reviews of advisor. The advice of an advisor will make the research more effective and show the hypothesis. There are some parts of a research paper structure which is also known as steps of creating a research paper. The steps will help you in building blocks of constructing good content for the research paper. Before you start writing you need to make some outline that frames your content.

The parts are given below:


When you have selected the topic, then the first aspect of writing is an introduction. The presentation is that part which provides some knowledge about what we are going to explain in the next paragraphs. In short, we can say that it is giving a short brief description of the research paper.

General presentation

Make the public presentation which includes some sub-points related to the topic. The exhibition is used to put those aspects which are the parts of the subject but unable to cover in the content.

Purpose of the paper

If you like to write the use of the topic, then you can. The objective contains some thesis statement with its solution which makes the reader understandable about the research paper. Many people may not like to write the purpose of research, but you can write it.

A statement on intent from writer

In this section, you need to write the comment which you have lean from your professor. You always mention that why you have selected the topic. Write all the critical points which explain why you have selected this topic. You can also add some statements which are related to your research thesis.


Mention that method which you have used in your research. The methodology is also an essential part of a research paper which gives an excellent framing to the content.


The conclusion is that part of the research which works for making summery. The summery is that aspects which explain the entire topic once again but in short form. It contains only the main elements of the research paper.

Thus, these are the parts of the research paper. Make sure that you need to select the length of the document and prepare it in minimum time.